• Uberlube 50 ml - Canada

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    Uberlube 50 ml - Canada

    Yes, we have this product listed THREE times because it's that good!  Made in the USA but now available to buy Uberlube in Canada.....every year we sell more Uberlube than any other lube we offer.  We have done our research and found out some pretty amazing things.  LIKE

    • Überlube is a premium silicone lubricant – uniquely designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.
    • Überlube feels natural, performs while in use, then dissipates across skin leaving a soft, moisturized feel. 
    • Will not harm healthy bacteria or affect Ph levels – made with friendly, inert ingredients. Used in OB-GYN practices. 
    • The understated design is nightstand friendly. 
    • Scentless, tasteless, and non-staining – never sticky, tacky, or oily. Überlube is latex safe. It will not harbor outside yeast, bacteria, or mold. 
    • Athletes use it as an effective and long lasting anti-chafe. 
    • Salons use it for hair finishing to add sheen, seal in moisture and de-frizz. 
    • Treatment pump is metered and allows one hand to stay free during application. No caps or tops to open, close, unscrew, or otherwise. 
    • New users buy überlube first for the product design, then continue buying because überlube delivers on its performance promise. 
    • Überlube is American made, by Überlube. Precision formulated from the finest available ingredients. 
    • 3rd party batch-tested to ensure quality standards. 
    • Überlube is the result of hundreds of iterations of formula and years of extensive field-testing.
    • Überlube is packaged in an expensive Type 1 borosilicate glass. 
    • It's a special durable glass used for stressful applications like pyrex laboratory glass, telescope mirrors, aquarium heaters, and thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle. 
    • Clear bottle lets you see the purity. 
    • Leak-proof bottle and top keep überlube in and dust out. 
    • Acid resistant, shatter resistant, heat resistant. It can be put directly over the flame. Borosilicate is referred to as "hard glass" and has a higher melting point than "soft glass".
    • Sanitary. Non-porous means bacteria can't hide anywhere. 
    • Glass with no label cleans up easily with a quick soapy rinse - keep your überlube fresh as new.

    Available in 50 or 100 ml