• Sportsheets Door Jam Sling

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    Sportsheets Door Jam Sling

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    Get into some creatively compromising positions easily and very excitingly with the fantastic Door Jam Sex Sling from Sportsheets. This is so much better than a Door Swing or Sex Swing since it's so easy to pack up and put away!  Especially considering all the pleasure you'll get from this sexy system, it's breathtakingly easy to use and requires only a doorway to set up.
    Overtop of the door, simply place the stopper-ended section of the main straps and close the door. That's it, you're done! A soft padded seat can be adjusted to the ideal height quickly, and just as quickly looked back into place- the seat pivots, letting your partner lift and position your hips just right; you can provide leverage to almost any position by utilizing the foot support straps at the bottom and sturdy hand grips up top.
    This exciting Sling is meant to help your partner support your weight during sexy-time and provide some exciting positioning control- it's not meant to be used as a suspension device, and shouldn't be used alone, nor should you attempt to support more than one person. The max supportable weight is 325lbs (147kg). Please be sure to follow the safety instructions included in the box for the safest and most pleasurable experience with the Door Jam Sex Sling.