• Fetish Fantasy Wraparound Mattress Restraints

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    Fetish Fantasy Wraparound Mattress Restraints

    CUSTOMERS #1 Choice when it comes to bed restraints!

    Experience the thrill of bondage and take turns role-playing -- one minute you're in control, the next, you're at the mercy of your lover! 

    MAKE YOUR BEDROOM INTO YOUR NEW ADULT PLAYGROUND! The durable nylon tethers connect to 4 satin-lined cuffs, which easily adjust to securely hold your partner in place. Explore your deepest fetish fantasies! 


    •Straps Tuck Beneath Mattress!
    •Multiple Restraint Positions! 
    •No Bedposts or Headboards Required!

    Restraint System Includes: 
    - 4 Adjustable Tethers
    - 2 Velvet Hand Cuffs
    - 2 Velvet Leg Cuffs
    - Adjustable Bed Strap
    - Love Mask

    Forbidden Vibes leading the way in sex toys in Canada