• Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Nipple Erector

    C$23.95 C$19.97

    Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Nipple Erector

    A perfect little unisex pleasure kit for lovers of nipple stimulation,  Fetish Fantasy's Nipple Erector Set is customizable, user-friendly, and definitely gets results. 

    To get sexily perky and deliciously sensitive, simply place your choice of the pump over a nipple and squeeze the black bulb. Using gentle suction, the little squeeze bulb pump perks up the nipples by increasing blood flow, which has the added benefit of increasing sensitivity as well. Once they're as erect and ready for action as you like, a soft little ring can be slipped over each nipple, keeping them at attention. There are 2 sizes of the pump to pick from, and 4 sizes of rings, so you're sure to find a combination that suits.