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Forbidden Vibes is more than just a Sex Toy Online Store, we bring a whole new outlook to the once hidden dirty little secret.  We think sex should be FUN and we want our customers and party guest to feel comfortable talking about their wants and needs. We are all different when it comes to sex and what we like and don't like and that's what makes us unique so embrace your uniqueness or explore new avenues.  

We were a couple of stay at home mom's talking about starting a business in late 2013 over a glass of wine.  We wrote down all our wants, we wanted something the appealed to a large portion of the populations.  Something that we didn't have to push on people, something that would really sell itself.  Yup, we came up with the sex toy business.  

Even in this day and age many people are still shy about the top of sex and toys let alone going into one of THOSE dirty stores with XXX shops in the seediest areas of town.  People like to buy online in their own home especially when it comes to buy sex toys online and we knew that and that's how Forbidden Vibes was created.  

We weren't experts at the time BUT we'd both had had our share of sex, we knew the majority of the populating was have sex as well as LIKED it, which made it the perfect business for us.  We started out locally doing home parties and quickly learned we were on to something and that sex really sells!!  All the other stay at home mom's liked the toys, the parties and so did the men in their lives, it was a win, win.  We decided to start to branch out and start a website in early 2014 and when that took off our parties nights had to take a backseat.   Ahhhhh we miss those nights, they were a LOT of fun, ladies nights, the male strippers ah, yes those were good times :0).  

We decided to offer a selection of sex toys in every category but eliminate the trinkets and trash that we felt cheapened the industry.  We thought if we were to streamline our customers' shopping experience and make it easier for them to shop we might have something.  We decided to offer quality products at a better price, toys that we had researched and stood behind.  We quickly became experts in the industry and a leading force in the online sex toy industry.  

We are proud of what we have accomplished and loving what we do, we are 100% Canadian as well as women-owned and operated.  Our customers are men and women of all different ages and each and everyone one of them are extremely important to us.  We pride ourselves on our discreet great customer service, our customers feel comfortable talking with us and that is what has made us experts in the industry.  If there is something our customer is looking for that isn't listed on our website, we find it for them and at the best possible price.   

We don't have a brick and mortar store so we don't have the overhead that other sex toy businesses have, this allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.  Healthy sex lives are important to everyone's well being and no longer needs to be hidden away!!   We want everyone to feel comfortable buying sex toys online from us and...yes we want them "cumming" back for more :0).  Thanks to all our customers for shopping with us and for the loyalty and support!

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